The controller of personal data, which are collected in the way described above, and of the record kept for the purposes stated above is the company E. STAVROPOULOS & CO LP which is legally represented and its contact details are stated at the beginning of these terms of use.
To browse the website users are not required to sign up nor enter any personal details. The users themselves may choose to browse the website as identified users by using their individual user name and password which they acquired through the website by entering their personal email as identification data.
When ordering products on the online shop users are asked to provide their personal data, specifically: name and surname, telephone, fax, email and postal address. This information is not disclosed to third parties, with the exception of data necessary for the postal service to ship and deliver the products and is limited to the necessary information for the provision of services by the online shop E. STAVROPOULOS & CO LP uses said information exclusively for this purpose, always according to the provisions of the current General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and L.3471/2006 as amended pursuant L.4070/2012 and in force.
Users may browse the website either anonymously or as identified users by using their individual user name and password, which they acquired through the website by providing their personal email as identification data. By entering the website as an identified user, the website is enabled technically to offer personalized information about the user’s history, for instance, information about past webpages the user has visited on the website, products the user searched for or past purchases. In addition, identified users may enter any personal details they wish (name and surname, address, telephone number, TIN etc.) so that they will not have to enter them anew in every order. These particulars will be used only for the purpose above, that is the completion of an order and will never be disclosed to third parties, with the exception of data necessary for the postal service to ship and deliver the products and will remain registered until the user deletes the account or until the completion of a particular order. Such data will not remain registered nor will they be further processed by E. STAVROPOULOS & CO LP, except in cases that is deemed necessary for tax or other legal obligations of the company.
In addition, while users browse the website they may request to receive the shop’s newsletter to their email, by marking the especially designed field on the website. E. STAVROPOULOS & CO LP affirms to comply with the legislation currently in force about sending newsletters. The data above shall not be disclosed to third parties and shall be used only for the purpose above. In case the user requests to terminate the newsletter service above, the data shall be deleted.
E. STAVROPOULOS & CO LP does not process the subjects’ personal data for decision making purposes which are made exclusively based on automated processing including profiling.
The users of the webpage have the following rights according to the General Regulation (EU) 2016/679:

Α. The right to be informed and facilitation in the exercising of rights
The controller, both during the stage of personal data collection and later on, shall inform the data subject in a concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible form, using clear and plain language, about these rights, the way to exercise them and facilitate the subject in exercising these rights.

Β. Right of Access
Anyone has the right to request from the company E. STAVROPOULOS & CO LP to answer whether the personal data concerning his or her person are or were subjected to processing and if so, to gain access to those data and receive from the controller, without delay and in a clear and easy to understand manner, information about the purpose and the duration of the processing and about any third party recipients of the data.

C. Right to Ratification.
The data subject may request the ratification of any omissions or inexactitudes concerning his or her data.

D. Right to erasure (“Right to be forgotten”)
The data subject may request the erasure of his or her personal data from the records of E. STAVROPOULOS & CO LP, provided that there is no other legitimate reason to retain and further process them.

Ε. Right to restriction of processing.
The data subject shall obtain the restriction of processing in case of proven inaccurate, unlawful, unnecessary processing or in case of objections to the processing.

F. Right to portability.
The data subject may receive his or her data in a structured commonly used and machine-readable format so as to transfer those data to another controller.

G. Right to object.
The data subject may object at any time to the processing of his or her data, unless there is another legal reason to retain and further process them.

The rights above are exercised without cost for the data subject and in any appropriate manner, to the contact details mentioned above of E. STAVROPOULOS & CO LP.
In any case, the data subject reserves the right to lodge a complaint to the Data Protection Authority either in writing (Kifissias Av. 1-3, PC 11523, tel. 2106475600, fax: 2106475628) or online (e-mail: as well as the right to judicial protection from the relevant courts.


In case any problem arises from the use of the webpage or the services provided through it, as well as any other issue regarding E. STAVROPOULOS & CO LP, the consumer may contact E. STAVROPOULOS & CO LP during working hours and days (excluding Saturdays and public holidays) to the contact details above for the immediate resolution thereof.


For any dispute resulting from the use of the webpage and the services provided through it, the Greek law is applicable and the relevant courts in Athens shall have jurisdiction.


All the present terms are material. Any omission or delay by E. STAVROPOULOS & CO LP to exercise any right or claim does not imply the company’s waiving of them.


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